Best Ways To Breastfeed And Tips

As first providers of nutrients for the baby, mothers have the most important task when it comes to feeding him. There are many myths on breastfeeding and breast pumping, but in this post, we will only focus on actual facts that will help deliver the best treatment to the new-born. There is no need to wait for the baby to cry so as to feed him. There are some hunger cues that precede the crying, such as when he sucks his lips, finger, tongue, or fist. Unknown to many crying may actually make breastfeeding harder. This is because it comes in some time after these previous cues, and the sobbing may provide a hard time to the mother.

What Is The Best Way To Breastfeed?

In terms of equipment, there is not much that is required. Bras, as well as breast pads and pillows, are not necessarily required for successful breastfeeding. What is needed the most is actually to hold on in the best positions so as to be able to get the most power for the pumping. Experts recommend cradling your baby’s head with the crook of your arm while sitting on a chair with armrests or on a bed with lots of pillows. In this position, the baby’s knees have to be secured against the body, and the new-born should lie horizontally.

Another position worth mentioning is the reclining position, where the mother has to lay down on the side on the bed and put pillows behind to support the body. Hips and back must be on a straight line, and the baby has to face the breast.

But above all, using a breast pump guarantees maximum results at minimum effort. They work better when the mother is relaxed. First off, you must choose the right funnel size. Breasts can be massaged before and sometimes during pumping. Power pumping expedites the entire process, and also enhances prolactin levels, allowing you to produce more milk over time.

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