The Basics of Pregnancy – The First Trimester

Start eating right

This is the time when you change your food habits. If you have pre-planned your pregnancy, then you are already following a lot of things your doctor is suggesting you. however, if your pregnancy is unplanned and you decide to keep the baby, you need to be ready to make some lifestyle changes. Even if you are living the ideal lifestyle as per the pregnancy standards, but there could be certain things unsuitable for you. This is why you need to start including a lot of fruits, vegetables, and supplements as suggested by your doctor.

Prenatal care

You need to get a series of tests done as a part of your prenatal care. These prenatal tests would be related to your overall health and well-being. Any health conditions that you have, any risk factors to be considered which may have an effect on your baby. Be it the minutest thing that has no relevance, make sure you discuss the same with your doctor. You never know how important which information would be for your child’s future. Some of these conditions could be high blood pressure, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), any chronic disorders, and so on. This is also when you choose your midwife.

The blissful second

After the overhaul you have gone through in your first trimester, the second trimester is like you have entered paradise. It starts from your 13th week and goes on till the 6th month of your pregnancy. This is when you feel at your best because there’s no nausea, no too much peeing, no feeling something weird inside, but just feeling happy and peaceful. You are safe from all the risk factors too. Your gluttony starts in your second trimester when you stuff yourself with everything that you feel like eating.

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