The Basics of Pregnancy – The First Trimester

The first few days of pregnancy are the most delicate and risky ones. Risky because if you don’t know that you are pregnant, you could put the baby at risk. You need to be extra careful when you are in your first trimester. This is also the time when most women make the decision of whether or not to proceed with the pregnancy. It’s also important to take the decision at the earliest even at this stage as your baby’s growth is the fastest during the first trimester.

How long is the first trimester?

This starts from the day you miss your period and ends after 12 weeks. These 12 weeks are very crucial as a lot happens during these 3 months. By the time you realize you are pregnant, you are already 5-6 weeks through with your pregnancy. This is claimed to be the most uncomfortable of the three trimesters.


Well, the first sign to look for is, of course, your missed period. Once you feel that you have prolonged your date abnormally, it’s time you get a kit and check yourself. There are many other symptoms like swollen breasts, fatigue, nausea, increased urination, constipation and so on. All the symptoms that you may face while expecting your period are all the ones you can expect while you are pregnant. Hence, many miss the symptoms in the expectation of a period which never happens. Because of a lot of factors affecting your insides and your outsides, you may suffer from insomnia.

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