Pregnancy Sex: All You Need to Know

So you are pregnant? Well, congratulations on your pregnancy! The next nine months will be a period of change, wonder, and growth, both figuratively and literally. Speaking of which…you might already be wondering about the lifestyle changes that come with this life-giving responsibility. Hopefully, you have committed to an alcohol and smoke-free pregnancy for the sake of your baby and your own health. And most importantly, I hope that you have already talked to your doctor concerning your work routine, exercise, diet and any symptoms or signs that could ignite worry.

But have you given your sex life during this period some thought? Yes, sex. Believe it or not, you can have sex while pregnant. The big question is, has pregnancy sparked a big interest in sex or it is the last thing in your mind? Either way, here is what works and what doesn’t during pregnancy sex.

First things first! Will you want it?

According to research, you are most likely going to engage in sexual intercourse during the whole gestation period. A study conducted by researchers from Harvard University concluded that 82% of women were optimistic that they would engage in sexual activities throughout their pregnancy. Further analysis of the results established that only 10 percent of women entirely abstain from sex while pregnant. Noticeably, sex is happening. Speaking of which… it can not only be safe and satisfying but also has the capacity to reinforce the bond between couples.

So, Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

From a scientific standpoint, it is safe to engage in sexual activities during all the stages of a normal low risk pregnancy. Nevertheless, just because it is safe doesn’t mean that you will necessarily like it. Some expectant mothers report that their desire for sex during certain stages of their gestation period declines significantly. Others simply avoid it because it becomes uncomfortable as their stomach and bodies become larger. When this is the case, the most important thing to do is to open the avenues of communication with your partner regarding your mutual sexual relationship. Speak to them about alternative ways that can quench your thirst for intimacy such as caressing, holding each other and kissing. If you feel that you must have sex, it will come in handy to experiment with sex positions to identify those that are most comfortable.

When is it Not Safe?

Honestly speaking, not everything that you have been doing before being pregnant is going to work owing to the fact that your physique is going to experience a lot of changes. I other words, some sex positions, and behaviors are simply not safe for you during this period.

If you engage in oral sex, the golden rule is that your partner should never blow air into your vagina. This could result to air embolism which is a blockage of blood vessels by air bubbles and could be potentially mortal for both you and your unborn child.

Avoid sex with partners whose sexual history you cannot verify and if you can’t ensure that you use protection every time you have sex. The thing is if you contract sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts, herpes, and HIV, the disease can be transmitted to your unborn and could potentially be deadly especially if you are not aware.

Doctors also recommend that pregnant mothers should avoid anal sex during their gestation period.

If you or your doctor notices or anticipates any complications with your pregnancy, he/she is most likely going to advise you against sex. Talk to a doctor about pregnancy if you have or notice the following.

Unexplained vaginal discharge, bleeding or clamping. A history of miscarriages. Leakages of the amniotic fluidAn incompetent cervix. This is basically a weakened cervix which dilates prematurely. Placenta Previa. This is a condition where the placenta covers the opening of the cervix. Multiple fetuses i.e. triplets or twins.

Frequently asked Questions and Concerns

What are the best sexual positions during pregnancy?

The rule of the thumb, in this case, is, if you are comfortable any sex position during pregnancy is okay. Oral sex and masturbation are also a safe choice if you find out that all of your favorite positions are uncomfortable. And as the pregnancy progresses, make sure to experiment so that you can find out what really works best for you. Let your creativity charge but don’t forget to keep comfort and mutual pleasure in mind because your relationship also matters.

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