Information About Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment


If the ectopic pregnancy is of risk to rupture or it has already ruptured in a fallopian tube, an appropriate treatment is a surgery, because, in this situation, it is life-threatening. It is also an only way for the women who have high hCG levels, damaged fallopian tubes, severe symptoms or ruptured fallopian tubes.

You can be lined up to have the laparoscopic surgery which involves the very small cut and tiny camera where no damage to the fallopian tube will occur. Surgeons prefer using this method instead of doing the surgery with the larger cut. But to some cases, this is not possible. If the tube been severely damaged or has ruptured and you have had serious bleeding, you will probably require emergency surgery using the bigger incision. When using this method, the surgeons may have to remove the fallopian tube.

Once the surgery is done, the doctors will now watch the hCG levels to ensure they’re going down and confirm the pregnancy was removed well. There are some women who need the methotrexate injection, therefore, everything comes to normal.
Once all is done you need to communicate with the doctor when you want to conceive again. About ten to twenty percent of the women are known to have repeat ectopic pregnancy; the doctor may require you to come for the early checkup in the next pregnancy to confirm that a sac is in the uterus.

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