Early Symptoms That Indicates You Are Pregnant

Tons of symptoms can occur in the first week till fourth week. In fact, you might not be just able to understand what your body is trying to say. Moreover, all of these symptoms are very common and you won’t even realize that it all leads to a common condition. Early pregnancy symptoms are hard to identify at first instance, but when it continues you can understand. Typically, pregnancy symptoms come paired with one or more other symptoms.

Sore Breast:

Estrogen and progesterone production tend to be more when you conceive a baby. The glands in your breast will start growing. As a result your breast will become tender in the early first week itself. Later, after five or six weeks, darkening of skin around your nipple, more bumps around the nipple, and nipple erectness can happen as a symptom of pregnancy.

Extreme tiredness and Fatigue:

Due to the high estrogen and progesterone levels, you will feel extremely tired. Moreover, you will feel sleepy all the time. At the same time, you will not be able to have a deep sleep.


Early pregnancy symptom will include backache with most women. It is because, the ligaments and joints will start loosening up when you are pregnant. That will cause slight to extreme backache depending on your physique. Obese women will feel constant backaches as a early pregnancy symptom.

Morning Sickness:

Pregnant women will start getting morning sickness after 5th week of pregnancy. Nausea is a sub product of morning symptom, you might feel like vomiting. Sometimes you may vomit. But most instances, you will just have nausea paired with a vomiting sensation.


Headache is a very common symptom among pregnant women. This is because, due to the high hormone changes, your body parts will need more water. As a result, your body works faster and gets dehydrated soon. Hormonal changes, faster changes in the body and lack of water combinely creates headache.

Constipation or Diarrhea:

Due to the hormonal changes and the changes in body requirements, you might experience constipation. Some pregnant woman may experience diarrhea as a symptom of pregnancy. But both of these symptom will vanish once the body adapts to pregnancy.

Other Symptoms:

You might get bloated easily, a protruded belly at a very early stage of pregnancy is a symptom among few women. Urinary tract infection can occur among pregnant women, it causes sharp pain below the urinary bladder. It should be treated as early as you sense it.


Though the early symptoms are numerous, only a handful of symptoms are common among all pregnant women. Identifying these wouldn’t be a problem after few days from it starts. Getting diagnosed properly is essential to avoid miscarriage.

All of the discussed symptoms are normal in pregnant women. But also, if any of the symptom become intense or keep worsening, then you should immediately consult your doctor.

You should avoid stressing yourself. Further, resting and eating properly will help you develop a healthy and easy pregnancy. If you are undergoing any medication, you should get advice from your physician about it. Better be cautious on notable changes in your body to avoid unexpected termination of your baby.