Best Breastfeeding Positions

One of the most important things is proper breastfeeding. According to a study by the University of New York, it was documented that babies who get breastfed for at least 6-8 months are healthier and happier adults. As you can guess, this is an important concept, because it shows that you, as a mother, have important responsibilities to your child. Therefore, you should make every effort to breastfeed the best way possible. Although breastfeeding your baby is natural ، there are still some methods you need to use ، to make sure that you get the right shape. Here are some tips on different breastfeeding positions for you and your baby.

  • 1) First of all, make sure that you are comfortable before you start breastfeeding your baby. If you are sitting in an uncomfortable position ، most likely, you will also make your child uncomfortable.
  • 2) Make sure that you can comfortably lean back ،, but your back is straight ، like your mother’s.
  • 3) Your child should have his head or body in a straight line. If your child is not on a straight line, then your child will not be able to swallow normally.
  • 4) We must support your child firmly holding his back. His shoulders and neck should also be supported.
  • 5) Your child should be able to tilt his head or back comfortably and without obstruction.
  • 6) Your baby’s nose should be opposite your nipple.
  • 7) Your baby’s nose should be at the nipple level.
  • 8) Make sure that you wait for ، until your child naturally opens his mole. You can try to gently push your child by stroking his or her lips.
  • 9) Your baby should cling to the nipple ،, and the breast should fill the baby’s mouth.
  • 10) You should make sure that you are not choking or choking your body when you are breastfeeding. Make sure that your child can lean or lean back if your child needs it. You must make sure that your breathing is correct ، if your child is always open.
  • 11) Your nipple should go into the baby’s mouth.
  • 12) Your baby’s chin is sold to touch your chest
  • 13) Make sure that your baby is comfortable and does not cry while breastfeeding.
  • 14) After you have finished breastfeeding, you should not feel soreness in the nipples and breasts.
  • 15) and the chest should not be bite marks.
  • 16) In the correct positions of breastfeeding, you must ensure that your baby can breathe normally. If your child swallows too much air instead of milk, this will cause gas to form in your child’s digestive system, which can cause upset stomach and discomfort for your child.

This is the most common pose for nursing mothers. The cradle holds the baby on his stomach , and his face and body are facing you. Make sure that your child is in a straight position and clasp his waist. In this position, the baby’s head is at the angle of your elbow ،, and your mouth is pointing toward your nipple. So mothers should be cautious when it comes to breastfeeding positions for their babies.