6 Months Old Baby Food Ideas

My baby is turning six months in a few days. Thus, it’s time for her to love solids. It’s an exciting stage but assembles anxiety too as I don’t know if she’d like to consume solids or accept anything else in the place of breast milk. So, the secret is to add some Excess effort to strike a balance between the two The first foods provided to a baby are known as stage 1 infant food. They’re pureed and strained so the little ones could gulp and digest them easily. They are low on the allergy level. But, consult a pediatrician before introducing some new food to your child. Below are some of the best foods for a six-month-old baby:

Continue breast milk or formula for your baby as it is the main source of nourishment for infants until one year (1). Breastfeed every 2 to three hours or on demand. Alternately, offer 24-37 oz of formula milk daily.

Stage 1 fruits
Apples, avocados, apricots, bananas, mango, nectarines, peaches, pears, pears, plums, prunes, chikoo, pumpkin and kiwi pulp make great first foods to get a baby.

Stage 1 veggies
Infants can digest boiled and mashed vegetables such as beans (green), carrots, sweet potato, squash, green peas, and potatoes.

Give boiled and cooled water for your baby at least twice a day.

Cereals and pulses: Cereals and pulses like rice, barley, barley, mung and lentils deliver essential nutrients like proteins and minerals to the growing infants.

It’s possible to add pureed and stewed poultry, and fish (less in mercury) to your baby’s diet. Ensure to remove bones while serving these foods.

Confused what to donate and when? Write down the infant’s feeding program and pin it up to make matters easier for you