18 Perfect Pairs of Baby Names for Twin Girls

When you find out you are having twins, it’s double the pleasure, but also double the job! Not only do you need to buy two of everything, you have got to think of two names. Two names you adore, love, and that go nicely together.

Searching for sweet woman names for your even sweeter daughters? Listed below are 20 sets of twin woman names that start with the same letter. (And even if you’re just having one, there are some seriously cool titles in this!)

  1. Emily and Eleanor — This incredibly common name (number 7 at the U.S.) complements this throw-back name that’s seeing a resurgence in popularity (number 106) perfectly.
  2. Savannah and Sienna — They’re not twins, but actress Sienna Miller and her sister, Savannah, have names that go nicely together.
  3. Natalie and Nicole — Natalie, meaning”Christmas Day,” and Nicole, which means”successful individuals,” sound great together.
  4. Allison and Ashley — Two popular names that each can be spelled in their own unique manner (Alison, Allyson; Ashleigh, Ashlee).
  5. If the women don’t like having matching names when they become old , one can proceed by “Kenzie.”
  6. Vanessa and Violet — Although Vanessa is the more common of the two, Violet shot up in popularity following Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner gave that title to their daughter.
  7. Addison and Avery — The two Addison and Avery always make top 20 most popular girl name lists. Addison was at number 19 final year, while Avery was number 12.
  8. Beatrice and Bridget — Bridget, meaning”power, strength, energy, merit,” matches the old-timey name Beatrice, which means”voyager, traveler” well. And again, Bea and Bridge are rather cute.
  9. Summer and Sunday — Two somewhat uncommon beautiful titles that evoke lazy, leisurely periods of time.
  10. Heidi and Hannah — Although neither of these names conjures images of exemplary girls (Heidi Montag and Hannah Horvath, Lena Dunham’s character on Ladies ), they make for very adorable twin names.
  11. Lacey and Lucy — Two sweet, really similar-sounding names. Lucy is the 66th hottest name in the US; Lacey is your 467th.
  12. Reese and Rue — 2 trendy titles, belonging to 2 very different actresses: Reese Witherspoon and Rue McClanahan.
  13. Ivy and Ida — Beyonce gave her daughter Blue the center name Ivy, which goes really well with the conservative name, Ida.
  14. Harper and Hailey — Thanks to Victoria and David Beckham’s daughter, Harper has become more and more popular over recent years (it is currently at number 16 in the U.S.), and Hailey isn’t that much behind (number 43) — possibly in part to rising star, Hailee Steinfeld.
  15. It’s now the 397th most well-known girls’ name, which is the highest it has ever been. As for Delphina? It’s a quintessentially French name derivative of the both posh Delphine.
  16. Sophia and Sadie — Sophie, that is always the number one most popular girls’ title, complements Sadie, which is currently the 50th most popular girls’ name, well.
  17. Charlotte and Chloe — If you do not mind your twin brothers’ names not including alliteration, Charlotte and Chloe are great options that don’t seem too matchy-matchy.
  18. Scarlett and Stella — The title Scarlett is nearly as amazing as the actress who has created it as pervasive as it is; and it goes well with the ever-popular, slightly cooler Stella, which has been in the top 100 for years now.